World War Z

How to Obtain Trinkets?

Linking the game to PROS grants you access to a unique trinket - Gasbag Doll. To acquire this item in the game, you simply need to ensure that your game is linked to the PROS platform. However, locating the trinket may be tricky. Here's a detailed guide on where to locate the abovementioned item.

Obtaining Trinkets

  • Ensure that you have already linked your game to the PROS account.
  • Launch the game, head over to the main menu, and click on the Co-Op Campaign mode. Note that you can choose all types of lobbies (public, private, offline) here; this will not affect the process:


  • After this, in the Episodes menu, press on the Customize tab and locate the Appearance section:


  • In the Appearance section, choose your preferred character and press on him/her. After this, you will see the Outfits & Accessories menu. For trinkets, locate the latter. There, you will be able to see all accessible trinkets, including the exclusive PROS trinket - Gasbag Doll:


  • Click on the trinket, and you will equip it. If you encounter any issues in the process, reach out to our Support Team