Dead Island 2

How to Obtain Maulibu Nights(tick) Baton?

It's not about force, it's about how you use it. We’re giving away the Maulibu Nights(tick) baton as a reward for PROS members. Simply get your hack on and chop the heads or limbs off 1,000 zombies to unlock Maulibu Nights(tick). 


Obtaining the Item

  • Ensure that you have already linked your game to the PROS account.
  • Once you have chopped the heads or limbs off 1,000 zombies, the weapon will be available to redeem from the trader Dougie at the Serling Hotel after completing the quest "The Final Gauntlet":


  • Trade with Dougie and find the item, then purchase it - this way, you will acquire the Maulibu Nights(tick) baton: