Saints Row

How to Link Saints Row to PROS?

You can link the game from several supported platforms to a PROS account via the game's dedicated website. After that, these platforms will be available via the PROS website, with the help of which you get unique items. This way, you will be able to share your boss to your gallery, upvote other bosses, follow creators, view statistics, and claim your Marshall Rocket Launcher.

Linking Process

  • Go to the game's dedicated website and press the SIGN-UP / LOG-IN button located at the bottom of the page.
  • The link will forward you to the website, where you will need to log in to an already-existing PROS account or create a new one.
  • Once you have logged into the system, select the platform that you want to connect - ensure that your own the game on that account and have the application open (it will make the process faster).
  • After this, verify that your platform is displayed in the main PROS menu as linked:

  • If the mark is there, you have successfully linked the game. If you encounter any technical issues, reach out to our Support Team